The Indie Files: Shank 2

Shank 2 is the bigger, badder sequel to a running-gunning-chainsawing sidescroller with a Tarantino vibe. That was the one-liner description I used to green light the original game and third party digital publishing at EA. I also signed and managed this follow-up, until I left EA last October. Shank 2 was released today by EA Partners on XBLA, and went live yesterday on PSN, Steam, and Origin, for $9.99. If this were a review, Shank 2 would get a 98/100. If this were a tell-all gossip piece, you’d be reading this on some back alley forum with vaguely pornographic handles and typos. But since you’re reading this on a geek pride blog, you’ll see why Shank 2 is so important to the art of games.

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