Star Wars Episode 7: Solving the Late Sequel Question

Yesterday, George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4.05 billion. This is astonishing. Disney’s acquisition of Pixar was gaspworthy, but logical, even predictable. Disney’s acquisition of Marvel was a surprise, but clever and additive to the Mouse’s demographic reach. But this is on an entirely different level. Not only because Star Wars is the greatest film ever made, but also because it represents one of the most compelling examples of The American Dream. George Lucas started by telling a story, but ended up creating and personally owning one of the dominant pillars of the world’s entertainment industry. But this article isn’t about the deal itself. Setting aside the global childhood antitrust question, it doesn’t really affect me as to who owns what. Besides, you already read those “may the mouse be with you” articles yesterday. Instead, this article is about the footnote at the end of the story. The tantalizing tidbit that represents a supernova in the world of science fiction. This article is about Episode 7.

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Fantastic Realism

This is more of a rant than anything else, but whatever, it’s GDC and you get what you get.

You know what mystical creature I hate above all else in fantasy novels? The deus ex machina. Seriously, this hellbeast just rolls in to page 384 of my book and dumps all over a formerly pleasant adventure. The worst part? There’s no recovering from the attack of this savage literary entity. It ruins the fabric of the story, rendering my escape to fantasyland ineffective.

You can’t give me a set of rules, tell me they’re inviolate and then proceed to break every single one in the service of plot movement. Listen, I know time machines are cool, but you don’t just slide one in for convenience. Once you have set expectations, you need to work within them, otherwise I get all nervous like.

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