Creative Outgrowths

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of games is their ability to engender creative outgrowths — content generated by users that deepen the gaming community. While things such as fan fiction are nothing new for treasured intellectual properties, I find that games are a particularly fertile ground for the creation of interesting user generated content. I suspect this is really about the tools. Continue reading


I once journeyed to Vietnam so that I might have an interesting conversation piece at Christmas parties. Whilst sojourning, I happened to flip on the television to practice my Vietnamese. I know one word: Pho. Alas, my efforts at language acquisition were stymied by a thing of unrivaled beauty: a channel dedicated entirely to e-sports. Primarily of the DOTA and Starcraft variety. I was among my people, in the spiritual sense at least. I experienced the silent peace of harmony, and I expected ascension. Continue reading